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Monday, October 09, 2006

Hamish Update

Well, he wasn’t just sick, he had a bug and was badly dehydrated, so much so that his kidneys weren’t functioning properly. Now, if we were in the city we’d just take him to the nearest medical centre. In Mt Magnet we had to ring a nurse in Perth, describe the symptoms over the phone, they then contacted the nurse in Mt Magnet and we took Hamish to the nurses station here. They gave him some drugs and put him on a drip, and sent him home with the instruction to come back if he hadn’t done a wee by midday then we’d have to fly him to Perth.

Fortunately Hamish announced at breakfast that he had indeed been to the toilet during the night. There was much rejoicing.


  • I'm glad your feeling so much better Hamish!
    It must feel a bit strange to be back again in Mt Magnet. Have you been able to connect well with some of those you remember from last time?

    By Anonymous AndyS, at 8:45 am  

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