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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

over half way through.

Aaargh... the local swimming pool was planning on opening from 12 to 5pm each day - right when we are running our program, which would have spelt disaster for us. Fortunately Bill has such good contacts in town that he heard about the plan and was able to ask them to open from 12 to 3, with our program running from 3 to 5! phew.

Yesterday went well, a few less kids than the day before (at least one family we knew of were going to Geraldton for the day) and the busload of kids from Yalgoo didn't eventuate (hopefully they'll come today or tomorrow), but a good time in both youth and kid's groups.

Last night the girls did nail polish, scoobies and played cards with the girls, and the guys opened the youth centre and let the guys play pool. Gave us a chance to say hello to some of the teenagers who haven't been around in the afternoon - but it's a long road to having substantial conversations with them. We keep praying for a miraculous intervention of the Spirit to call some, and maybe use us as the right people at the right time, or that when the Lord does choose to visit them, that their memory of how we related to them (in whatever small way) will be part of what the Lord will use for them to say Yes to him.

Same program this afternoon, with sport's night tonight. We're over half way, and beginning to feel the sadness of having to say goodbye after such a short time and with so much more work able to be done. Please keep praying for the team's enthusiasm and energy, that they'd be confident in God's promise and provision. And pray for miracles.

Talking of miracles, last night we drove a few minutes out of town on the road heading East till we were in the middle of darkness to watch the glory of the night sky - we were all left wondering where all those stars hide when we're back in Sydney! And then the moon rose... just off full, bright orange and the size of your fist on the horizon. wacko. How great is our God!


  • Bill sounds like a good man to have around, and a great man to have on the team.
    Sounds like its been quite full on, even without the busload of extras yeasterday, so we pray that today goes well and that you all find what it takes to keep on, and into the night too with the sportsfest, and that you can continue to demonstrate the love of Christ to them through the relationships on the team, through your interactions with the young folk, through the programme and through those conversations

    By Anonymous AndyS, at 7:18 am  

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