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Thursday, October 12, 2006

The final day

Hey there -
one more day to go. We're currently in final throes of preparation for the last Kid's Club meeting. It's hard thinking about saying goodbye - each day the kids say, 'you gonna be here tomorrow?', and every other day we've been able to respond with a happy, 'yep!'. But not today.

We're glad that Bill and Jackie are here to keep working with the kids after we leave, but they're aware of the contrast between what a team of enthusiastic young visitors can provide with what's possible with just the two of them. Their big prayer points are for more Christian people to choose to come and live and work in the town - experienced teachers who are able to deal with the challenges of teaching the kids as well as having the energy to be involved in youth ministry at church, a doctor who can serve the community and be part of the congregation, a youth worker who can give themselves to sharing Jesus with the young people in town through sharing their life and sharing the gospel. Please join with us in praying for all these things.

Yesterday went well - less kids than previously, but it seemed that the Lord brought the right ones for the right time. Pray that they come back today and that we'd have the chance again to share Christ with them.

Sport's night was a hit. The kids had a good time and played in a generally good spirit.

Pray for Mel - she tried to kick a football yesterday but didn't quite succeed and so the football kicked her instead, and strained the ligaments in her ankle. So we were back to the Nurse's station! In God's providence we managed to pick the one day of the month that there was a physio in town - so for Mel, it's crutches and ice packs. Pray for her as she sits around, watching the rest of the team do the running around that she'd love to be joining in with.

Tomorrow we have our celebratory greasy breakfast at the Swagman roadhouse before heading back to Perth - our aim is to get to the ocean before the sun sets at 6:27. Overnight in Perth, perhaps a swim in the Indian Ocean before flying back over this great country on Saturday afternoon.


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