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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year to you! For me the New Year clicked over somewhere over Afghanistan I think, while I was flying from Sydney to London – leaving in 2006 and arriving in 2007.

I’m in the UK for the International Association of Youth Ministry conference in Cambridge from Wednesday through to Saturday. The conference draws quite a diverse range of people together. The common theme is working with young people from a Christian perspective – though what constitutes ‘Christian perspective’ is quite varied (and sometimes difficult to understand fully – one paper talks about ministry as a ‘life-transforming process’ which has as it’s goal ‘fullness-of-life-for-all in a ­Regnocentric perspective, proclaimed and manifested by Jesus Christ’!).

Having got over jet lag yesterday, today is given to reading through the conference papers. So I’ve managed to find a desk in the reading room at the British Museum

<-- here’s a picture of my spot – there are signs saying ‘no photography’ but no one seems to take any notice of them!.

Will head up to Cambridge tomorrow. More to come – stay tuned…


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