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Sunday, October 15, 2006


Finally back home - and with that strange feeling of realising there's another world across there on the other side of the country where life is so different and so similar.

<-- That's Mt Magnet, the buildings near the horizon in the middle of the photo. The buildings in the front are part of the mines that surround the town. It's not a big place. And it's a long way from anywhere else.

Here are my top three stories:

Four year old boy, swears like a grown up truck driver (which is a lot), who also said he was a follower of Jesus. His mates ask, 'if you follow Jesus why do you swear all the time?' he replies, 'Jesus hasn't told me anything about not swearing.' I add, 'there is something in the Bible about not using bad language', which recieves the classic reply: 'well when I get to that page I'll rip it out and piss on it!'

Another four year old boy, asked by a friend's mother if he's enjoying Kid's Club: 'It's really good, we're learning about a really cool guy... I can't remember his name... he made the whole world! That's right, his name's God... he's got another name too... but I can't remember that';

And finally, a sixteen year old girl who asked whether it was true that when we die the next baby to be born is your soul. One of the team members talked to her about the next life, judgement and the promise of heaven for those who are Jesus' friends. The girl asked whether there would be bush in heaven and the team member talked about the new creation, a renewed earth that would probably have bush in it as well, but perfect. To which the girl replied with eyes of wonder, 'you mean bush without drought?' What better way to put it - we long for the place where there's bush without drought.

Thanks for joining us on this journey to Mt Magnet. Please keep them in your prayers.

Here's a shot of our trusty team - all decked out in their glorious orange t-shirts.


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