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Monday, November 27, 2006

Application Interviews for 2007 begin

We're starting the interviews for new students in both the Diploma and Year 13 courses tomorrow.

All you graduates and students reading, think back to the terror you felt when you turned up to College, all nicely dressed, desperate to impress the intimidating faculty ... spare a thought for the new applicants and pray that they'd be relaxed for the interviews.

Pray that we'll be able to understand each other well and that the Lord would help us make wise decisions regarding who to accept.

For anyone still thinking about applying, you might want to get a move on! Apply before Thursday and we may be able to interview you on Saturday. There are still places open, and second round of interviews will be held in mid January - apply now to guarantee an interview.


  • They'll quickly see you for what you are. Awesome men and women of God, who never fail to impress in your grace and widom. The rest of us did.

    By Blogger Shayne Crossman, at 7:08 pm  

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