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Friday, February 15, 2008


Far out... it's been a long time between drinks here!

That's the thing with funky new communication tools, you still need to communicate!

Though (and here comes a gross rationalisation thinly veiled by theological argument!), my lack of posting anything here is perhaps more honest than the false communication that goes on in so many communication technologies - we might be writing words, and talking at each other, but is there really any communication going on?

okay. lame excuse I know.


  • just when i'd almost given up on you....

    By Blogger jodi, at 9:37 am  

  • Welcome back Graham!
    Am already missing your theology lectures so looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts and insights here...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:34 am  

  • jodi - would you really give up on us? we to whom you owe so much :-) glad we caught you in time!

    Nathan, looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts as well as time goes on.

    By Blogger Graham Stanton, at 8:00 pm  

  • yep - i'm a bit heartless and fickle that way... :P

    By Blogger jodi, at 10:16 pm  

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